Germs! Ew!

Yes, it is cold and flu season and all of us parents are trying to keep our children healthy! We all know how horrible it is when our lil' one is not well and on top of that, parents are always trying to dodge illnesses...time just does not allow to be sick!

My family and I just got over some colds and the germaphobe in me sanitizes everything multiple times once we are all well again. I got to thinking about all the yucky places we probably picked up the cold germ. Icky. However, I want to insure you that I am doing my best to keep my studio germ free!

After each session I spray some thing like Lysol on the props/drops used, except it's not Lysol. The stuff I use you can literally put a fire out with it and if you drink it it will not hurt you. I use Shaklee products to sanitize/clean my studio. I use the "Get Clean Basic H" for spot wiping/clean ups/cleaning my windows and chairs. For a deeper sanitizing I use the "Germ OFF Fragrance Fee wipes" and the same solution on the wipes but as a spray (Basic G).  For washing blankets or any cloth items used after newborn or any session where something yucky got on cloth, I use the "Fresh Laundry Fragrance Free"  and for those tough spots like mud or baby poop I use "Nature Bright" .  All these wonderful all natural and nontoxic products will not hurt your skin and take care of 99.9 percent of germs. And like I said, after each session my studio gets the germ free spray down. Yes, afraid....

It is important to me to have healthy kids and I want to keep yours healthy too!

Some photo news: Some new backdrops are coming in and I am feeling the itch to prop shop again...I kinda love that part of my job:). Also, I planned on having my first workshop this November, but time got away from me and it is pushed back for December.  More info will be posted soon on how you can reserve your seat for my workshop!  And, lets not forget how close CHRISTMAS is! Sheesh. I can't even believe it myself. So, get your Christmas appointment scheduled now, I literally only have 4 spots open for November and only 3-5ish open early December. Ladies, boudoir photos are popular this time of year for Christmas gifts and Valentines gifts. When scheduling boudoir appointments, please allow at least 2 weeks for processing time. I get very booked this time of year so please do not wait!  You can message me through my website or facebook to book Christmas sessions and boudoir. :)

Well, keep warm everyone... I am afraid snow will be here before we know it!! :/

Have a wonderful day!