The holidays are quickly approaching and everyone is talking about Christmas! But, wait! What happened to Thanksgiving??? 

I love Christmas and all, but I think it is important to step back and realize everything one can be thankful for. For instance, I am extremely thankful my husband who supports me and works very hard so I can stay at home with my girls and run my business, I am very thankful for my husband and awesome family members who watch our girls when I have appointments, I am thankful for all my clients who consider my work art and make my business possible, I am thankful that my God shows me mercy and grace when I least deserve it, and I am just plain thankful to be alive and in the place I am today.

If you were to show me a photo of what you are thankful for what would it be? Here is a photo of what I am thankful for, my marriage and the unconditional love of my husband.

Photo taken by Anomaly Photography by Leaha Meinika

So, I have an idea....let's have a contest!


1) send a photo to showing what you are thankful for (family photo, photo of your children, the sun set, flowers...whatever you are thankful for!). In the subject line of the email please title it "Be Thankful Photo".

2) include a sentence explaining the photo and how it shows what you are thankful for

3) once I post the Be Thankful album on facebook (you will be notified), invite your friends and family to vote for your photo.  Comments under the photo DO NOT count, one must "like" your photo to place their vote. The photo with the most votes wins!

Have your photos in by Monday November the 14th. The Be Thankful album will be uploaded Monday and contest will end the 21st of November.

Winner wins a free sitting fee for a half hour session, prints and digital images can be purchased separately.

Good Luck!!!