Fa la la la la, la la la la! ;)

One of my favorite things about Christmas are the wonderful smells....cookies, candles, cookies, a real Christmas tree, coffee, hot cocoa, cookies, and the fire burning in the wood burner.Me drinking my special coffee in the kitchen...I should stick to this instead of baking snicker doodles! Did I say cookies?  Yum.  Although,  I have to say I did butcher a batch of snicker doodles...I think I added TOO much cinnamon. :( 

On a different note, as most of you can tell the Cutie Pie Contest has officially started today!  I have 80 cuties all together this year, quite a few!  Previous years I am don't think I surpassed 30 entries, this year is definitely a hit! I can't blame you for wanting to win, I mean Cutie Pie 2012 wins up to $500.00 in prizes!!! Pretty awesome, eh? 

Speaking of prizes, hope you all have your Christmas shopping finished :). I JUST finished mine and still have to wrap all my gifts. If you are looking for a gift to give for the next giving holiday (Valentines Day), think Boudoir photos.  Yes, boudoir. Around this time of year many ladies call me up scheduling boudoir appointments. Boudoir sessions are fun, classy, and sassy. The sky is the limit with these sessions, you can dress up or down as much as you want.  This is an "all about you session". Something to let yourself get pampered and dolled up....and what better present to give your husband or significant other than an album of boudoir photos?  I have limited slots available in order to have the photos to you by Valentines Day. These slots go quick! If you are interested in Boudoir photos, please contact me ASAP. Click HERE for Boudoir pricing info and click HERE to see some of my Boudoir images (if you do have Boudoir photos taken it is an option to not have your photo on my website, these lovely ladies offered their images for me to use on my site after their session with me).

Weddings....Tis the season for engagement!  I love this time of year because I always get those cheerful messages where a very excited and happy bride-to-be has just gotten engaged :), I love those emails! Some of my wedding packages come with engagement photos, but as my gift to you when you book your wedding with me in the months of December, January, and February you receive a free engagement session. :)

Family Sessions: YES! I will take your photos IN the snow!!! :D I love SNOWY photos, SO.MUCH.FUN. 




Photographing your children and/or family having fun in the snow or simply posing creates such a beautiful peaceful image.

I am happy to announce that I have hired two wonderful ladies to assist me at my newborn sessions! Super excited about this. We accomplished a training session and it went very well. Both ladies are going to be excellent. I have two Christmas babies scheduled so keep your eyes open for sneak peeks of them! 

Well, I believe that is all for now. Happy voting for the next Cutie Pie 2012!! If you want to vote follow this LINK, you must be my facebook friend in order to see the album (for privacy/safety reasons). I have been getting friend requests like its going out of style. Facebook warned me tonight that I was using the "confirm friend" feature too much and that I could be banned from it! Made me giggle. ;) I just might be on the naughty list now...hehe.

Happy Holidays and BE SAFE this Christmas.  :)