Work and Play

What a nice relaxing vacation I had! I was able to decorate for Christmas and do some crafty things around the house...that I have been wanting to do FOREVER. There are these pillows I have been dieing to make, sweater pillows, ya know...out of your old sweaters. I have had a pile of old sweaters sitting by the bed that had been folded then refolded a bazillion times waiting to be made into a comfy pillow. Finally, their journey to a pillow was a success! I also cooked some yummy dinners for my family because I had all day to plan then, yum. I even made cookies!!!!

Some other exciting things I have been doing is getting in front of the camera more. I know, totally not like me, I prefer to be BEHIND the camera, but I am actually having fun with it. Tomorrow, the hubby and I are modeling for a clothing company and we are pretty stoked about it. Which means I need to shave my legs... note to self.

OH and how could I forget!!!!? Over my vacation I received my Jasmine Star magazine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY!! (happy dance)  If you do not know who Jasmine Star is, you should. She is the most amazing wedding photographer, she is so extremely inspiring and gives so much to other photographers. Check her out here, you will love her!!  While Jasmine was talking about how she began to focus specifically on how each photographer engaged with their clients and how the interaction affected their work, I marked the page at this quote, "So much of photographers' personalities are infused into their work and the more confident they are in their ability, the more distinguishable their thumb prints appear on every photo".  Sigh...gotta love Jasmine Star....

Well, off to bed I go! Busy day tomorrow! Have a great night everyone, or day (depending on where you are!).