Website, newborns, and weddings...OH MY!

WOW, what a crazy past couple of days.  I had the honor of photographing two newborns this past Saturday, and my oh my how I love newborns.  They are so tiny and the little grunts they make, just make your heart melt.  I love capturing their tiny gestures and their precious tiny wrinkly selves.  Children grow so quickly, and having photos of a newborn is a great reminder of their newness.  I look back at newborn photos of my first daughter and think to myself, "Was she REALLY that tiny?", yes, she was and I have proof thanks to the photos. A couple of my favorites are posted for you to see. (Click HERE to see more newborn photos!)

On the flip side, we had a small break this winter but now we are back at it, wedding season has started once again!  This past Saturday I had two friends of mine photograph a wedding of an awesome couple! I am so not ready to leave my newborn yet, therefore I am forever grateful that I have such awesome photographer friends that would cover a wedding for me! I cannot wait to post photos from the wedding, so keep your eyes peeled for those! 

And lastly, as you have all noticed as you have be navigating around the's new! Yep, we have a new website.  A special thank you to Nathan Miller for the design and time spent with all my numerous questions. If you ever need a site built, Nathan is the guy to go to.  Not only is the website awesome, but he has helped me learn how to use all the tools available to me, which I am still learning but it will take time! :)

Enjoy the new site, stop by my guestbook and leave me message about your experience at your photo shoot or let me know what you would like to see in the near future.  AND, soon to come: a newsletter!!! YAY!