Springing into Wedding Season

Ah, spring time. How lovely...besides the humidity and the awesome Indiana weather that is so extremely unpredictable. However, it's wonderful that I can take photos OUTDOORS again, almost every day with out wearing my whole wardrobe to keep warm! With that said, wedding season is starting NOW! I am booked up until October with weddings and my weekends are filled until July. So, if  you would like to schedule something during the week day we could do that, or start scheduling fall photo sessions now while spots are open

So...what to tell you...hmmmm??? Something I am not looking forward to, I get to clean out the back part of my studio tomorrow...Friday is trash day SO I figure Thursday would be a great day to clean it.  I am looking forward to the extra space I will have after getting rid of random objects that are lurking behind my backdrops...but to go through those random objects NOW that is the hard part. I want to keep this and that and OH don't forget to keep those! Maybe I am a hoarder, but I love to save things for memory sake.  I think once you become a mother your brain just automatically forgets things so much more than before...I have mommy brain, thus the reason I take so many photos, so I can remember!

Feel free to join me in my cleaning spree ;), I will look forward to seeing you all there! (hehe)

On a side note, stay cool, I know its getting warm out there and enjoy this AWESOME weather!