Photo Booth, SAY CHEESE!!

So, starting here in within the next two weeks, I will have a photo booth to offer during sessions! Well, let's call ours a photo wall. ;)

This is such a fun thing to have at a party: Wedding receptions, graduation parties, birthday parties....any party! Photo walls allow people to come out of their shell and be goofy, and we all love to do that with our friends right? 

Our photo wall will consist of a drop of your choice and before you strike a pose you will be able to rummage through a trunk of goodies: crazy hats, wigs, boas, fake mustaches, crazy sunglasses and glasses, magic wands (yes, magic), photo frames, top hats, signs...just a bunch of crazy and fun things to be crazy with.

To start off you may add it to your wedding package for $175 extra, however, the booth will come with the Diamond Wedding Package. If rented out for an occasion other than a wedding reception, rates will be hourly at $50.00 an hour.

Anyone who strikes their best pose at our photo wall will be able to purchase a cd with all of the photos on it for $20.00, all we need is your name and address to mail you the cd with copyrights! AND THE BEST PART IS... half of the fee ($10.00) goes to the bride and groom or graduate (if at a grad party) as a gift!!!! 

With that said, I cannot WAIT to use our new photo wall, and if you have questions or want more details just drop me a message! Have ideas for the wall, send those on over too! I love your feedback!!

Leaving you with some photos from a recent wedding, sadly we did not have the wall then, but I cannot pass up posting photos of this gorgeous couple!