Senior Portraits: Be Different, Be a Trendsetter. Class of 2012!

Yesterday I had such a wonderful photo shoot with a high school senior, Emily.  She begins my senior portraits for 2012 and she totally rocked the camera!  This year, Melissa DeWitt Photography is doing something a little, different.

If you are a senior, the graduating class for 2012, YOU can be a Senior Representative for Melissa DeWitt Photography!

What do I have to do to be a senior rep?: After your senior session you will be given senior rep cards with your photo on it to hand out to your friends. These are basically discount cards. So, all your friends that love your photos can have one and get a discount toward their senior session as well!

What do I get out of it if I am a senior rep?: FREE SESSION AND PHOTOS!  You get free wallets, a free 8x10, and a free mini album with several of your favorite senior photos, plus the senior rep cards to hand out.

How do I sign up to be a senior rep?: Contact Melissa DeWitt Photography through our website or on facebook (Missy DeWitt Photography), and let me know that you are interested!

How many people get to be senior reps?:  Right now, as of Wednesday July, 13th, I need one more guy and two more girls! So hurry up seniors and sign up to be a rep, spots will go fast!!!

If senior rep spots are taken can I still earn free photos?: Why sure! If you don’t get a senior rep spot for 2012, I will make a deal with you! Free wallets for any senior that hands out senior rep cards! Session fee can be found here.


So, that’s the scoop. THAT is my senior rep program and I am super excited about it. Check out the pricing here for a regular senior session and what you get with a regular senior session if you are not a representative. You don’t have to be a rep to have your senior photos taken, however if you are interested in being a rep contact me today!

Be different this year. Be a trendsetter with Melissa DeWitt Photography. Senior year 2012!