Lost and found and my secret confession...

Today was a very successful day. My appointment for today rescheduled for next week, and I had already taken the evening off in advance, so I had ALL day to do WHATEVER I wanted to do…well I did have to prepare 7 dvd’s and put together a senior portrait package…but all in all, I had the day off.

Amongst all the other things I got done, I FINALLY cleaned off my work space, finally. I found a gift card to Sears, $50. I also found my lost camera cap and a pair of earrings I had been looking for.  And for now, I actually feel organized. It’s a good feeling! 

Despite all that, I am also super excited for tomorrow, I have a newborn coming to the studio and this weekend, one of the 4 appointments is a maternity session… the mama is having twins! I CANNOT WAIT for the newborn session. TWINS! Yes, I have already begun to shop for twin hats and what not for their shoot! 

ALSO, brides to be!!!!! Remember, right now my special is that your engagement session is free when you book your wedding with Melissa DeWitt Photography!!! Check out my wedding portfolio here.

One last thing, I have a confession. I have a slight obsession with etsy.com.  Therefore, I have once again, talked myself into ordering some new props. Keep your eyes open for some new props in photos, or you might even be the one who gets to use them!

Take care everyone, hope you enjoyed the photos from past sessions, and have a great night!!!