I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day! I know I sure did.  I had family visiting from out of state and had the honor to photograph a family of 24 who celebrated their grandma's 90th birthday.  What an amazing thing to see her children, and grand children, and great grandchildren. Coming up this week: a first birthday, a toddler, senior portraits, and ending the week with a wedding this weekend.  A busy week but I love it and I enjoy the variety!

Also, look for Melissa DeWitt Photography's new logo.  A designer is designing a custom logo for me, it should be done any day now! The logo will be used for online photo posting (facebook, website), for letter heads, signs, and for anything else advertising/marketing related. However, I know some of you are wondering if the logo will be on your finished product. No, the logo will not be on the finished photo that you order OR on your digital cd.  I cannot wait to share the logo with you all, it should be AWESOME!!! I had to fill out a questionnaire and what not just so she could custom make it so it fits Melissa DeWitt Photography, it should be great!

Remember the photo booth (photo wall)?  Well, we took it to a wedding for the first time and it was so much fun! I almost forgot I was working because I was having so much fun with it!!!  The photo wall is still being offered with wedding packages and for all your other photo needs, it can be a fun addition to any graduation party or any party for that matter. It is just a really neat way for people to express theirselves in a silly way :).  The wedding I took the photo wall to was such a great wedding to start with! The guests were great and so was the wedding party.  Not only did I take the wedding party to a carnival for photos, but we also stopped by Walmart to push the bride and groom in some shopping carts! Yes, Walmart...yes shopping carts....and yes, the bride and groom did meet there! Adorable :).  Another cool thing, I got a new prop! An old baby stroller! A wonderful client of mine was at a garage sale and picked it up for me!! Like I said before, I have the most BESTEST clients in the world!

I think that pretty much sums it up. I will keep everyone informed of any updates and what not, and keep your eyes open for the new logo, I am super excited about it! Also, my July is booked and August only has about 3 spots left. Fall photos are being scheduled right now so schedule yours today! Also, seniors, look for your senior reps when you go back to school and ask them how you can get a discount off of your senior photo session. Take care everyone, enjoy this summer sun!!