Why I love my job...

I was sitting here eating freshly popped pop corn, popped in coconut oil (YUM!) and was thinking to myself how I couldn't do this at my old job...pop popcorn and then munch on it like there is no tomorrow. My last job, although I enjoyed working in public relations and human resources, it just wasn't.....me. While munching on my popcorn, I also realized how lucky I am to have a job where I can eat popcorn, blog, edit photos, snuggle with my baby, and talk to someone on the phone ALL at the same time (yep, I am a pro at multi-tasking, I'm a mom). All these thoughts about why I love my job flew through my mind and I figured I better blog about it, that way when I am having one of those days where the kids are arguing all day, my computer is slow and not connecting to the internet, and it seems as if I just can't get anything done...I can find this very blog post and read it and remind myself that amongst the chaos in my life, I am truly blessed to be someone who loves their job.

Okay, so enough chit chat, drum roll please.......here are the top 10 reasons why I love my job in no order but randomness.

10) I can work when I want to how I want to.

9) I get to use my creativity and challenge myself to become more creative and I get to shop for cool props.

8) I love meeting new people and getting to know them and watch them grow - from couples to married to pregnant to family....love watching one person grow into a family.

7) Photographing children and toddlers gives me a work out. As we all know, kids have abundant amounts of energy especially during photo sessions, so lucky me, I get to break a sweat and work at the same time, which is amazing because then there is no need for a daily work out routine :)

6) Weddings! Oooh how I love them. Just the love that is floating around the air, you can FEEL it. And the way the groom looks at his bride for the first time, and the look on the fathers face before he walks his daughter down the aisle, and the kiss between the newly weds....can you say GOOSEBUMPS! I enjoy capturing all the emotion during a wedding and everything in between.

5) I love my job because I get to snuggle newborns and then send them home with the mama :).  There is something about a sleeping newborn all curled up and posed, it just melts your heart....

4) I am one lucky mama myself. I absolutely love my daughters and husband. My job allows me to put them first. I get to schedule appointments around my family and take off when I need to. Can't get any better than that.

3) No other job I have had has brought me tears of joy. Every now and then I will capture something so incredible that when I bring that very photo up in my editing process it wows me to tears. Anyone can take a photo, but capturing the person in the image, who they are and the emotion between the people in the image...that can be challenging. Every photo should tell a story, and when it does it can seriously wow you. I love capturing those wow moments.

2) My job is fun. Seriously, I forget I am working most of the time.

1) If I am not out taking photos...I get to work in my pj's. :)

0) Yes, I am throwing in a 0, let's call it a bonus. My job teaches me a lot about myself: how I react in different environments, in certain situations, and to burst out of my comfort zone. My job allows me to be me and definitely helps me grow as a person, mother, and wife. I am so undererving but yet so very blessed... definitley a bonus.