Question & Answer

About a month ago I asked if people had questions for me, kind of like a "get to know your photographer" sort of deal. Well, here it is!


What got you interested in photography?

Since high school I have always been drawn to the thought of "capturing" an image or moment on film (yes, I had a film camera back in the day).  It amazed me that just with a simple click of a button what I saw in front of me ended up on the film and was stuck there forever.  I was always drawn to that thought, and the fact that it was my own...what I saw was what the image ended up being. No one else could see what I saw or take the same exact photo. It was truly art that could move me.

Do you think you ever take bad pictures (we are our own worst critic)?

Yes, of course! I heard a quote once saying something to the effect of "I will take my best photo tomorrow", meaning that I want to become better every day and I expect my best to be tomorrow and then the  next tomorrow and so on. I am my own worst critic and when I sit back and look at my images from a year ago I think, wow I was horrible! But, it is all a process and practice practice practice is what has allowed me to grow as a photographer.

Where do you get some of your creative ideas from (like the senior pic in the middle of the road)?

I collaborate what I see. I have many photographers that I love and who are an inspiration. I take much of what I see and tweak it and make it my own. Other times, I really just come up with a random idea like sitting in the middle of the road. Many times my clients will contact me and say, "what are your ideas for weekends shoot?" and I reply, "I don't know, but I will know better once I arrive and see the location, the light, and the mood of everyone." My creative juices begin to flow once I am surrounded by my photo environment and when I see something or think of something, I just do it, like Nike. :)

What do you like about natural light as opposed to a more traditional studio all the time?

OOOh LOVE natural light. I am the type of photographer who really dislikes posing people. I love interaction between my clients. I love capturing the moment, and not just a regular portrait. Natural light just adds to it. It completes it. It is how we see it when we experience it the first time and when we experience it all over again when looking at a photo we oooh and aaah and how the sunlight is shining through your child's hair. It just adds a better, more natural effect.

What are your favorite subjects to photograph and why?

Good question. I love it all. I love the spontaneity of my job, something different everyday. I love the newness of a newborn during its shoot and seeing the mother lovingly gaze at her new tiny baby, I love the chills I get right before the husband sees his bride for the first time, I love the laughter of photographing children, I love the love between families and couples during group photos, when photographing senior portraits I love the creativity that flows between a high schooler and my camera, and with boudoir I love seeing a woman confident in herself. It is all around the best. job. ever.

What has been the most difficult things to capture in a photo?

At the beginning, I had a hard time working with my light. Since I use natural light I had to use what was given at that specific time. Until I had a better relationship with my camera, it was very hard for me to figure out the right settings to fit me and my style of photographing. I love natural light and how it hits or reflects or shines through whomever you are photographing...and not being able to capture it was very irritating. But currently, I am striving to capture emotion in photos, to capture "more than a feeling". Okay, how many of you have that song by Boston stuck in your head now? ';)

Do you let your girls around and take photos with you?

Every now and then if I know the client well enough I might ask if they mind if my 2 year old second shoots. My daughter wants to help carrying props and loves taking photos with her camera. I love bonding with my daughter like that. This business was built by me being a stay at home mom, and never will it come before my family. I love being able to have the freedom to involve me family and to see my little ones grow into mini photographers. Come to think of it, when she was around 6 months old I wore her in a back pack carrier during my outdoor fall sessions! :)

What do you do in your spare time when you're not doing things with photography or being a full time mommy?

Sing out loud even though I'm a horrible singer, cuddle with my hubby, cook, eat, and eat some more, call my Mumal, and go outside ALL DAY long with a good book...

What is your favorite prop and backdrop?

I love to put babies in things. I love the disproportion of a large bed or basket with a teeeeny baby in it. For everthing else, mother nature is my favorite prop and backdrop.

How much have you spent on a backdrop because you "had to have it?"

Ick, $300.00. I barely ever use it now. I might make a dress out of it...

When you come across an item or backdrop how do you know it's photogenic (for example that old yellow chair)?

The 5 second rule. If I look at it (a tree, a rock, a couch, a curb, a door, a car, a building, a chair, landscape or backdrop...) for longer than 5 seconds, then that means whatever it is sort of captivates me.  It has to be interesting and tell me some sort of story. If I feel it fits the client, I use it and let the creative part of my brain take over.  


If you all ever have an questions, you can comment on bog posts, just scroll down and add a comment or send me a message via facebook or email. :)