Hello everyone! I have some news that some of you might not like, but it has to be done! Melissa DeWitt Photography's pricing will change September 1st and will apply to all appointments booked on or after September 1st. Yes, that is soon, but like I said, it needs to be done, and here's why.

Let me be honest with you for a sec. I am blown away at how my business has flourished, I am extremely blessed. I am super busy every single day, seriously, every. single. day. My weekends are booked 3-4 months out and into the next year. I am busy and I LOVE MY JOB. LOVE IT. I love all my clients and their uniqueness and I love that all of them trust/trusted me to capture a special moment in their lives.  Because I love my job, I spend a crazy amount of time on each individual client, because I want to make this experience with me as your professional photographer special to you . Depending on the type of session a client might have I might spend any where between 3-8+ hours on one client. This time spent includes phone/email consultations for Q&A, to discuss location/time, props, outfits, and just plain old conversation so I can better  know you, which allows me to know the "feel" for your other words, getting to know you during your consultation lets me better reflect you in your photos so you look natural and not posed, and so the photos are fun and describe you or your family. 

With more appointments, I am also traveling to new locations for photo shoots or using my studio/land for sessions. The price change will also be covering my gas due to our ridiculous gas prices, uck. I am also outsourcing my prints and dvd's and some processing. Now here is where I am going to be honest again, I am only one person. And even though I try extremely had to be super woman, I just can't do it all. Thus, the outsourcing. This way you get your product faster AND I can still spend the time I need to before and after your session to create a special photo experience for you. 

So, when you pay me, where does all your money go? Here is an interesting fact: " In an informal survey amongst Professional Photographer friends, we estimate it takes between 6-10 hours of time for ONE session with ONE client.  Which means that maybe we can only handle 4-5 clients a week and give them the top-notch customer service we pride ourselves on.  What if a Professional Photographer only charged what the chain studios do, and each of those clients could get everything their hearts desired for $200?  So the photographer would bring in $1000 for those five clients.  Going back to the previous formula, remember that only 26% might end up in the Professional Photographer’s pocket -  $260 take home pay for that week of work.  That, my friends, comes out to $6.50 an hour – or less than minimum wage." (click here to see website where this info came from)

I enjoy being a professional photographer. I AM a professional, this is a real business and not chain store which with business's come expenses. I customize your photos so you when you look at your photos in 10 years you get that same joyful butterfly feeling as if you are looking at that one photo of Grandpa helping you blow out your candles on your 3rd birthday. I want to capture your memories and not just portraits!

Hopefully this explains why my pricing is increasing September 1st, and I hope I can still be affordable to most. I will always have discounted mini-sessions, give always, and of course need models whom get free photos.  I am all about being fair, and with calculating my supply and demand, this is where the business has to stand.

Thank you for believing in me, for sticking with me as I grew to this point where I am so booked I don't even know what to do. Thank you for trusting me with your special moments with some being intimate and very special. Thank you for always referring your friends and family and loving the finished product. I cannot say thank you enough, but I will....just one  more time. THANK YOU! :)