Resolutions and Cutie Pies

Happy New Year everyone! Do you have your resolutions all written out? I don't, but I am about to do it in this blog... so you all can hold me accountable! :) 

1) Being published. It has always been a dream of mine to be published in a magazine. Recently I was contacted by a local bridal magazine and one of my photos from a wedding I photographed last summer will be published!!! The issue of the magazine comes out this week and The Fort Wayne Bride magazine can be found in places like Meyers, Kroger, bridal halls.... I am really excited about this and to get my hands on a copy.  I am only half way crossing off this resolution because the progress with this publication began right before the new 2012 I have the same goal to perhaps be published multiple times.

2) Remodeling my studio.  For you whom have visited my studio you know it is carpet. I cannot wait to replace it with hard wood and then put new dry wall on the walls so I can properly hang photos and canvases.  Another goal for my studio is to get shelving and a better organizing method for my mass amount of backdrops. Seriously, I have an addiction with Lemondrop Stop's Sweet Deal Wednesdays :).

3) Organization.  I am applying this to taxes. I write down where I go...most of the time...and keep track of money spent...most of the time.  I really do keep track but I need to lay the smack down on myself and say, "Missy, all receipts go in this folder. Not in that folder and this folder and over there on the desk. And this notebook, yeah, write down all your mileage. Don't write it down on your hand, in your planner or anywhere else but this notebook. Kapeesh?" 

4) Learn more.  I want to learn more about lenses, light, post processing, and shooting in manual. All things that I do and know about now, I just want to dig deeper and better my knowledge. Perhaps take some classes offered at local camera shops or just get out more and practice with other local photogs.

5) Learn the party rock anthem shuffle dance.  That way when I am photographing weddings this summer I can break out my sweet moves on the dance floor. HA! JUST JOKING. But really. I don't watch tv really and came across this video on you tube. The song is catchy and the moves look kinda neat. Hey, got to have a fun goal too!

Now, onto the Cutie Pie Contest. This years contest was huge. In previous years I only had approximately twenty to thirty entries. This year I had 80 entries!!! Holy wow. I still can't believe it. Not only did I have so many entries, but this year the winner won more than just a free session and the cutie pie title.  As you all saw in the blog about the contest, many awesome vendors participated in the Cutie Pie contest. A special thanks goes out to all of them: The Crafty Tortoise, Michelle Vincent with Pampered Chef, Sally Gilbert with Gold Canyon, Filgree and Flowers, Art and Soul Boutique by Bercot, Mommy Made, ArtcFartz Designs, Sheila Henry and Danielle Kelley with Scentsy, Jolene Kessie, and Great Clips.  Totaling up the cash amount of the gifts those vendors offered and adding it to what I gave away, the winner won almost $500.00 is prizes this year!!!! On to the winners....

Congratulations to Cutie Pie 2012: Analeigh (157 votes)
















2nd Place: Lacy (135 votes)
















3rd Place: Cohen (107 votes)








Thank you, everyone, who participated in the Cutie Pie contest. It was a blast watching all the votes come in and I hope you all enjoyed it! 

Have a wonderful day!