Let's Play Dress Up

Hey everyone!!!!         

Last Sunday marked our October Photo Outing themed "let's play dress up".

We had Dorothy and her gang join us, Marilyn Monroe, Spiderwoman, and a beautiful Goth Goddess. We really got lucky with the weather. It had rained almost all day and stopped before our shoot only to begin again directly after our shoot was over!!!! :-)  The rain dance my hubby did before our shoot must have worked!!!

Two things first: See the blog before this one on more details  BOOKING Christmas Mini Sessions NOW! I am only have two days open for these, after spots are full there will be no more time slots available.

AND, I want to thank every member of our group for coming out to play each month. This group is all about expressing our creativeness. Yes, it definitely can be a time to learn from one another, but more importantly, I began this group so we can shoot creative sessions each month. I am a firm believer that if you are NOT tip toeing around outside your comfort bubble then you are leaving very little room for yourself to grow as an artist.

Thank you to all our lovely models,  you all rock! Okay, on with the images....I am including my images in the video this time which also features some the other photographers who participated!!!

 :) So, watch the video and feel free to dance along to the muuuuusic! ;)