Painting with Light AND Next Months Photo Outing!!!

If you have been following my facebook page or my blog, you know that my husband and I host monthly photo outings. These outings are for any level of photographer.  It is all about being creative, pushing yourself to try new things, making photog friends, and working together as a group of photographers who support one another.  Each month we have a new theme and this month's theme was "Painting with Light".

We all came prepared with flash lights, glow sticks, steel wool (to create sparks when caught on fire), and other cool light up toys.  With slow shutter speeds, we caught some killer light tracers. 

My awesome hubby took this picture while I made the L and O. :-)

I must say, this outing was a ton of fun...even though we were freeeezing we blared some music and laughed our way into trying to make words with lights (not as easy as you think!).  I love this group and I invite ANYONE who loves photography and has a camera to join us next month December 16th. 

Below is the video of each photographers images from our November outing.  Each photographer caught some amazing images! ALSO,the date and theme to the next photo outing is at the very end!!! WRITE IT ON YOUR CALENDARS!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy. :-)