A Birth Story

I am thrilled to tell everyone about my first birth documentation.  I LOVED IT.  I posted a few weeks ago on facebook that I was wanting to try out birth photography. Little did I know I would get messages upon messages with people interested in me documenting the beautiful process of birth in a tasteful manner. One gal in particular was very intersted and told me she was due in the next few days!!! SAY WHAT?!!!  Yeah, that soon.

She told me when she was getting induced and we scheduled it. My first birth.

I woke up about every hour the night before the birth checking my alarm, making sure it was set for 4am. I was so afraid that I would wake up late, or I would sleep through the alarm, or something crazy like that would happen. BUT, I woke up on time and left with plenty of time to even stop and get coffee AND fill my tire up with air since the handy dandy indicator on my van told me a couple days prior it was getting low.

First stop, gas station. Went to fill up my tire and only air came out. Really? Did I not know how to do this right? Come to find out, the air plug thingy majigger was busted completley and would not intake air. SO, my tire ended up deflating from about 24 lbs of air to about uh...9. Yes, my tire was flat and it was 5:15 and I had to travel about 40 mins to be there at 6am!!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHH! Luckly, I had a car brought to me and I sped off to my birth, well uh, I mean I traveled safetly and went the speed limit the whole way:). 

I arrived and they had just gotten situation in their room, phew. And from then on, the story unfolded.

Thank you, Woodruff family, for allowing me to share this special moment in your life.  Your daughter is beautiful, and the mama made birth look WAY.TO.EASY. :) Looking foward to her newborn session! :)

Enjoy watching their story below or visit the individual photos on facebook.