Huge THANK YOU and Easter Mini's!!

First and foremost, THANK YOU to everyone who donated (monetary or items) to Jordan's family. His family greatly appreciates it, and because of you we were able to raise quite a bit of money to send to his family to help with medical bills. A quick update on Jordan from his mom: "Jordan is doing better, he can walk on his own for a minute of two then he gets weak. His picc line came out today. They do not for see any complications."  You can check out the previous blog about Jordan and his story. I am just so happy that he is doing better and the outlook is good!! Such a strong lil' fellow!!!  And, seriously, THANK YOU to everyone who donated!!!!!!

Secondly, as most as you can see my facebook page has changed. It went from a personal business page to a "fan" page. At first this meant that I had NO inbox and I could not comment on your wall.  BUT, yesterday I switched  my business fan page to the famous facebook timeline which has a messaging feature. This works well because now you can still message me on facebook or use the contact tab to send me an email. When I switched from my personal page over to a fan page I was able to still keep all of you as friends, however all my albums and photos were deleted. If you would like to view my portfolio, all my albums on my site are updated monthly. You will still be able to see sneak peeks on facebook and photos will be uploaded on facebook as sessions take place. :)

I am really looking forward to this weekend, I am mentoring a gal from Pennsylvania, my home state! :).  I also get to cuddle with a newborn and get creative with a preteen session and a family session. I cannot believe it is March, WEDDING season starts NEXT month for me! Super excited!

Keep an eye out for Easter Mini Sessions. Spots will be limited and mini session spots go quick! I will post something on facebook and the website once I begin to book Easter Mini's.  This year, I am thinking...bunnies!!!

On a side note, we had some crazy AWESOME  weather yesterday! Here is a picture of my daughter swinging up so high (she thought so) that she was going to touch the tree branches! :)

Have a great night everyone! :-D