Long time no blog, eh? I have been outside often as possible with this crazy warm March weather, thus no new blogs. Seriously, 80 degrees in March, SUMMER weather! However, I won't complain to getting a head start on my tan in MARCH! Crazy Indiana weather.

I have some new shtuff coming up. Currently, I am running a Mother's Day Special. This session is at mini session pricing, $30.00 and comes with prints. This session is built around being a mom and having those super woman powers that us moms have. It is such an amazing thing when your child, a mini me, calls you mommy. Melts your heart every time. Come into my studio from now until Mother's Day to take advantage of this special. Make a memory with your child (any age - infant, toddler, small child, teen, or adult). Come Fathers Day, the same special will be ran. You can book for either session now. I have days and evenings open but weekends are pretty much booked up until June. Message me at or at the contact tab on my site for details/booking.

More boudoir. On the 31st of this Month I am holding a discounted boudoir/glamour day. I have some awesome models lined up for this promotion!  After watching Sue Bryce on Creative Live, glamour genius, I took a long hard look at my boudoir images and realized I was only marketing to one type of woman. Not that this was purposely occurring, but it was happening. Young, beautiful, muscular, thin women. What about curves and women in their 30's and 40's and fabulous 50's? My new boudoir is about loving your body, owning your own sexy, and not having to wear only lingerie to feel sexy. It will instead be about wearing something that simply makes you FEEL sexy, which it might be lingerie, but it could also be a lace camy and jeans with wild sexy hair blowing across your face. I want to capture women of all shapes, sizes, ages and bring out each women's unique beauty. I want a woman to feel the empowerment of being a woman and capture that in each image. Beauty, pure beauty. Anyway, I cannot wait until the 31st to try out some things I learned from Sue and to meet my awesome models, and then to promote the NEW Boudoir. To top it off, I have a new boudoir set up in my studio, so we are using that for the first time as well!!!  Here's a little hint: It's going to be fabulously awesome!

Lastly, I am a part of a non profit organization called Shoots for a Cure. This weekend I will be finishing up my first shoot for them! After the shoot is finished I will be posting a blog about the gal I photographed. Such an amazing story, and I cannot wait to share it with everyone.  Here is a sneak peek of her pretty self, look for her full story by next weekend!

Have a great day everyone, enjoy summer....uh, I mean spring! HA!