Specials, Deposits, and a Wedding Story

Hello everyone! The kids are napping so I figured I should work. :) I haven't wrote a blog in a while so here is what's up.

The past few weeks I have been meeting with brides to be. I LOVE meeting with brides to be. I love the excitement in their eyes and their voice when they discuss their wedding details with me. The last weekend of this month marks the beginning of my wedding season, SO STOKED! This year, I am going to do something a bit different after each wedding. Of course I will post sneak peeks on my facebook fan page, but why not blog about the day?  I mean c'mon, each wedding is special and has a unique story. Since I am there to document their day from beginning to end, I want to present their story to you so you can watch it unfold just as I did. Them getting ready, walking down the aisle, the kiss, first photos as Mr. and Mrs, and the party at the reception to celebrate their love and future together. With that said, look forward to Mr. and Mrs. Jared Johnson's wedding story on the blog during the first week of May!!! Woohoo!!! (image below from their engagement session)

Get ready for some business talk......when my pricing changed last year so did some of my "rules". When you book a session I ask for a deposit. The deposit of course goes toward your full payment for your session. When I consult you before you book a session and answer all your questions and what not, your session is not booked until I receive your deposit.

Why do I need a deposit?: Pretend you want an appointment on a Saturday and we book your appointment with no deposit. I spend time preparing for your session which means think up ideas, prepare or make props, prepare backdrops, or choose the right location that will have the most perfect light for the time of day your session is held at. Now, pretend you do not show up. Two things: I have spent time preparing and waiting for you when you did not show and secondly, I have turned down Jane Doe and John Doe who both wanted the same time slot as you. Most places that hold appointments for a type of service (doctors and dentists to name a few) will charge you a penalty fee if you have a no call no show. I do not charge a penalty fee because I understand life happens. However, I simply ask for a small deposit to hold your date and if you do not show your deposit  is nonrefundable but will act as a deposit toward your next scheduled appointment. Your deposit pays for the preparation that goes into your appointment which makes your session unique and creates images that show your personality. :)

This is not me being mean or cruel, it is just the way I have to run my business when I have 12 people who want the same time slot on the same day. I schedule first come first serve with a deposit to hold a date. Since this new rule came into place last year, I have not had many issues at all and 95% of clients are happy to pay a small deposit to hold their date. However, I wanted to explain how my "deposit rule" works so everyone understands. Communication is best when we are all on the same page.  :)

Mother's Day Special: I am pretty much booked up for this special,  however, if you would still like to hold a session with your children or mother or even do a generation photo I could squeeze you in on a weekday/evening.

Father's Day Special: Yep, that's right! I would love for you dads to come in with your babies or perhaps with your grown children!!! This special is just like the Mother's Day special, same price and everything. Father's Day is June 17th and the last appointment I will hold for this special is June 12th in order to have your images back to you in time.

View details on Mother's Day/Father's Day Specials and other current specials  here.

I believe that is all for now folks. Have a wonderful day!!!!