Groovy baby, size matters...

Good morning folks! I have been on a vw bus high, I know weird right?  Let me explain. I adore love drool over want to kiss all over really like Volkswagon Buses from the late 1960's and 1970's! I have never ever seen one up close and personal and I always thought if I did I just might pass out. My dream came true this last Sunday. A wonderful friend of mine, we have been friends since high school, is a photographer as well and takes all my family photos and what not (check Anomoly Photography by Leaha Meinika out here). I kinda as a joke said, "We should do a hippie theme with a VW Bus for our Spring Family Session!" What do you know, she knew someone whom HAD a bus and next thing I know I was obsessively stalking etsy for the bestest authentic 1960's clothing for our themed photo shoot.

Arriving at the shoot I had to wipe the drool off my chin, the bus was ah-maaaazing and I do believe that our attire matched it pretty well. I had my long hippie hair, my hubby had his hair parted and slicked back, and the kids just thought we were completly nuts-o. However, we had a blast and the entire session was groovy! I just HAVE to share a few images from the shoot, Leaha did an awesome job and I couldn't of asked for anything more!  Visit the link above or click on any image below to visit Anomaly's Facebook page to see more photos from our themed 1960's shoot! (By the way clients of mine, wouldn't it be fun to do a themed shoot with your family!!!!!????? Hint Hint!!! ;) )



On a side note, size matters. Yes, that's right, it DOES matter. I use to think an 8x10 was big but once I began to decorate my house it looked so itsy bitsy on my wall and was drowned out with all the other clutter in the house (I have kids, I am allowed to have clutter, right?). When hanging wall art, bigger is better. Here is an awesome image to show you what I mean. (Thank you Tina Boyd for the template)

Puts things into perspective, huh? Upgrading your print or print wrap or canvas wrap to a larger size definitely makes your wall art the center of attention.  With that said, today only I am offering %10 off of any size canvas wrap!

I am going to go sip my coffee now and process some wedding images from the Johnson's Wedding (see their wedding story here). Check the blog this upcoming week for the Titus's Wedding Story, I am photographing their wedding this weekend!!! Have a wonderful day, everyone!