Mr. & Mrs. Titus

Once upon a time, I was sitting in my cozy home when my phone rang. It was a bride to be, Anne,  planning her wedding and in need of a wedding photographer. Anne explained she and her fiance had both been married before and this wedding was going to be simple, not your typical wedding. She further explained that the ceremony would be small, no bridal music or bridal party, and Tom and her would be seeing one another before hand.  Anne and Tom wanted family photos with their children before the ceremony and of course all the details documented throughout the night.  Anne sounded excited and confident that her wedding was going to be awesome, and it was. As soon as Anne walked in the doors to the ceremony/reception site, she gave me a giant hug with a smile plastered on her face, she was literally glowing. Tom came in shortly after and he too was glowing. Their whole family was.

Tom and Anne had known each other for many many years, they had worked with one another.  After they became a couple, one day Tom said to her, "we should get married", and they did. I could seriously do the happy dance for Tom and Anne showing the world that all the "little" things during their wedding day didn't really matter as much, all they wanted to do is exchange vows and have their family and close friends witness their unconditional everlasting love. That is what was important. Their wedding was simply perfect and was a wonderful example of two people in love excited to spend the rest of their lives together...




 Tom and Anne, thank you so much for sharing this personal experience with me. I wish both of you a happy marriage and I truly enjoyed documenting your special day!

And they lived, happily ever after. The End. :-)