Overloading into a contest...

Hello everyone! So, what's new in the neighborhood? Well, my big girl just turned 3...3!!!!!!!  This made me realize something. I had to take time off, physically write it INTO my schedule to make sure I did not book anything on her birthday and the day after. I am supposed to be a mommy/wife first, business woman second. Since I believe in educating my clients about who I am and what I am about, {open communication rocks}, I am going to spill my guts to you. I miss spending time with my kids and husband. 

I tried to find a happy medium between work and family. However, this can be hard when 90% of my work is done at home. My husband is flipping amazing, he will take the kids outside, or some where, so I can answer emails with peace and quite or process a batch of images or place orders or to do whatever it is I need to do for this business. I am so extremely blessed to have this business and I thank God for blessing me with this amazing talent which I can share with each and every one of you. I am truly thankful for my clients who appreciate my art. Above all, I am very thankful that my daughters and husband have put up with the long hours working, until 2am in the morning, just so I can do what I enjoy, taking pictures. However, a HUGE part of me misses spending ALL day outside with the girls and staying up late watching scary movies with my handsome husband, I want to do these things more. Plus, I am planning on home schooling both my daughters with preschool home schooling starting this October. I need to free up some of my time because my family is my heart and soul, my glue. My business is my passion and I do not want my family to remember me as a person who sits in front of this computer.

With that said, I will only be taking a very limited amount of appointments a week, I usually take about 3-4 during the week, but I will be taking only 1 or 2 depending on the type of session and only 2 on Saturdays. I am cutting my schedule in half and will be outsourcing more. I love my job, but I love my family more. I want to keep this business going but I want to stay stress free and give my little girls the mommy they need. :-) Once my girls are older than toddlers, I am sure I will pick up more working days. But for now, this is the decision I have made and I am so very thankful I am in a position like this where I can make that decision based on the needs of my family!

As a big huge thank you to all of my clients for being so amazingly awesome and for keeping my business booming for the past 2 years, I want to hold a little contest. So many mornings I wake up to see so many nice words you all leave for me on facebook or by email, you keep me smiling and working hard and motivate me to keep learning. So, HERE IS THE CONTEST: If you have had a session with me this past year, leave one comment below. A random drawing will occur tonight and the winner will win a free 16x20 canvas wrap of an image of their choice from their session. Leave your email address and the winner will be notified tonight and announced on facebook. :)

Ready, set, comment!!!!

Hugs xxxxxx