Lemonade, anyone?

Well, it is June and it feels like summer....kinda. We have had some strange weather here lately in Indiana. Last weekend I photographed an outdoor wedding at 97 degrees and the next weekend I was wearing a hoody and jeans due to the temperature dropping to 60degrees! Either way, lemonade is still fantastic on a cool day and especially on a hot sunny summer day.

This year, for my summer mini sessions, I am offering a Lemonade Stand Theme. Pink lemonade for the girls and yellow lemonade for the boys!

Lemonade Stand Mini Sessions:

OPTION 1: $35.00 - print credit of $15. You may use your print credit toward any size or number of prints, anything additional you will be invoiced for.

OPTION 2: $75 and comes with DVD with print release.

I am opening up an extra day during the week and a few time slots during the weekend JUST for these sessions, limited spots open! (mini sessions typically last 15 minutes)

Take a peek at these kiddos slurping enjoying some refreshing lemonade!


A special thank you to my awesome husband who drew up this design for me after I shared with him my vision for this stand. He perfected the stand. I absolutely loved creating all the decor for this stand, it was almost therapeutic! Also, thank you to my little beautiful models. Each and every one of you did an awesome job drinking my yummy lemonade!!! :-)

To schedule your Summer Lemonade Stand Mini Session, contact me at mdphotography@rocketmail.com or contact me through the contact tab on this website.