Happy Friday!

Hey everyone! It is FINALLY FRIDAY! WOOHOOO! Which means, two days until Sunday...the day of the Fairytale Grunge Photoshoot!!! This photoshoot is for any aspiring photographer! I want to make sure everyone knows that you DO NOT need to be a professional photographer to come. If you love taking photos and want to come hang, you are welcome to join us! I did have two beautiful models but now that number has changed to three!!! They will all be in creative attire and they cannot wait to be photographed. It will be a great time for those of you who have questions to ask them, and a wonderful experience for all of us to learn from one another. The shoot is THIS SUNDAY the 15th of July, and we will meet at 6pm and shoot until sunset. For details on location please contact me.

I know I said there would be another video blog, like last week.... BUT time goes way to quick and my girls need their mommy, and I like to spend lots of time cuddling with the hubby wubby, sooo video blog will come soon. Promise. And that is when I will answer more of your questions you have been sending to me, please feel free to keep sending them to mdphotography@rockemtail.com.

Have a great Friday everyone, enjoy your weekend and BE HAPPY! Enjoy the Friday Funnies and Inspiration!




This is totally what I do in my spare time, super hero! :-)






                    My reasoning exactly, and now my excuse for never cleaning...ever again. :)