A Fairytale in the Woods...

Ready for the longest blog post ever? Okay, not really...but there are so many images that I LOVED from the Fairytale Grunge in the Woods shoot. If you have no idea what I am talking about and are thinking, "Fairytale what?" visit the blog post HERE talking about the event I hosted.

Now, on to the images....all these models were simply stunning and I am so pleased with how the shoot turned out. I have been dying to do something creative, out of the norm from my normal session. I wanted these images to be captivating, dark, edgy, whimsical, and to tell an interesting story. I would love to continue photographing this type of style! So, I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as I enjoyed capturing each image!!!


























 Photographers from the video that have a professional business facebook page {go show 'em some love!}:

Carrie Weaver
Jolene Kessie

To those who came out to play, THANK YOU for coming!!! I had so much fun and appreciated your company. And, a special thank you to Jolene Kessie who picked up the balloons for me and brought them to the shoot, and to BOTH Amanda's for carrying that dang chair around to use as a prop!  :-) A special THANK YOU to KML CREAVTIVES for your awesome overlays and textures. I really am not an overlay or texture type of person, but I bought some of them from her thinking I would try them out sometime for fun. However, I ended up loving them and they were perfect for this shoot because I wanted to approach the processing with an artsy and edgy look.

AND, REMEMBER AUGUST 19th is the next photo outing from 6pm until sunset. GO NOW and write it on your calendars and keep your eyes open for what the theme will be!!!