Mr & Mrs Koehl {A Wedding Story}

About 7 years ago when Meggan worked at Petware House, Justin and his mom would come in to purchase salt water fish. When Justin would come into the store, Meggan had always thought that he was spoiled and rather cocky. Little did she know that her boss was going to hire him! At first, Meggan was upset because she really didn't want to work with a spoiled and cocky kind of guy, but as time past, that spoiled and cocky guy turned out to be a sweetheart. Meggan even developed a little crush on him!! :-) After six months of working at Petware House, Justin asked Meggan out on a date. Years down the road, Meggan and Justin found themselves at their newly built home to take a look at the process, for they were about to close on it. When Justin opened the front door, all the furniture and appliances had been moved in without Meggan knowing. She was very shocked! Justin told Meggan, "This is all for you." and she replied with "No it's not, it's for us!" As Meggan responded, she turned around to see Justin on one knee!! And that my friends, is when he popped the question!

Meggan and Justin decided to have a destination wedding in Flordia June 22nd, 2012 where the awesome Michelle Castle Photography documented their special day. {Image below provided by Michelle Castle Photography}

This awesome image was taken on Justin & Meggan's wedding day, in Flordia, by Michelle Castle Photography. Click the image to LIKE Michelle's Facebook Page!Enjoy the images {below} from Meggan and Justin's wedding reception here in Indiana. Meggan had such an awesome idea to use salt water fish in vases for center pieces. She even had one whole table designated to candy...mmmmhhh. Even though it was over 100 degrees, these two pulled off some amazing images. Thanks to the drought in Indiana, the dead grass almost looked like a sandy beach. (we can pretend, right?!) ;)







Congratulations, Justin and Meggan! You two are such a sweet couple and so very adorable together. I feel honored that you chose me to capture the celebration of your marriage!!!  xx

{And, a special "Thank You!" to Michelle Castle Photography, for letting me use your beautiful image you captured on their wedding day. It provides great company to the images from their reception I photographed. And, to be honest, I am slightly jealous you get to photograph all those beautiful weddings on Flordia's beautiful beaches!!}