Mr. & Mrs. Gressley

Back in January 1995, Greg and Lissa met while serving in the Army stationed at Fort Hood, Texas. Seven months later, Greg and Lissa married. Lissa shared with me that in February of 2001, they decided to divorce but remained friends. Lissa also stated that as the years passed they both matured and realized they missed each other like something crazy! Greg and Lissa both realized their life was just not complete with out one another. In 2009, the couple decided their relationship was worth another shot.  Ramsey Illeen, the center of their universe, was born in 2010...they became loving parents! :)  Fast forward to August 21st 2012, last was their 17th wedding anniversary AND the date that Greg took Lissa's hand in marriage again.

We were able to get some beautiful images before these two joined hands in marriage. No cameras were allowed inside the courthouse so, I present to you Greg and Lissa moments before they united as Mr. & Mrs. Gressley!!


Congratulations, to the both of you. I always enjoy photographing your little family!!!