Rock strong.

In February of 2010, David  had a semi annual visit with his doctor complaining of fatigue. At this time, he had also noticed leg cramps and weight loss, but nothing much came of the doctors visit. Finally in June of 2010, the doctor ordered a CT Scan of the chest and abdominal area which either showed a large mass of tumors or a massive tumor. They were unsure at that time. In August 2010, Dave had a biopsy surgery at a local VA Hospital and another Bone Marrow biopsy a week later.

Both biopsies had confirmed that David had Type B, Non-Hodgkins, Mantle Cell Lymphoma.

David began Chemotherapy and in December 2010, CT Scans showed he was in remission. However, come August 2011, the cancer had came back. Once again, Dave began Chemo treatment until  January 2012 when scans showed he was back in remission. Sadly, this past June, scans showed that David's cancer has returned once again.  Currently, David is discussing a Stem Cell Transplant with his doctors and will also be beginning more chemotherapy this month.

Being there with him and his family I can tell you one thing, this man is loved. Seeing his family members around him and his doggies, smiles were on everyone's faces. Yes, even the dog's faces.  At the end of their session, his young granddaughter handed me two rocks from their landscaping. She told me to take them home. I was going to keep them as pet rocks. As I drove home I thought about how her act of sweet kindness described her grandfather very well. David is a rock, strong and taking a hold of each day and making the best of it.  It's a lesson many of us can learn from David's story.