Celebrating the Art of the Human Body

In this world we live in, many times the human body is portrayed in a sexual way. I wanted to capture the exact opposite for this months group photo outing. I wanted to capture the beauty of our amazing bodies in a natural serene setting, the beauty between nature and ourselves.

We had three lovely models. The first model showed one of the amazing super powers of the woman body...breastfeeding. There is beauty present when a mother feeds her child with her own body. The second model showed the beauty of light and how it can illuminate the skin and body. Standing tall like the trees which surrounded her, this model glowed from the sunlight which was slowly escaping to the horizon. Our third model showed the beauty of the body in nude. As stated by a friend, "There is difference between naked and nude. Nudes have a purpose. They have a pose that means something or they are positioned with lighting that evokes a feeling. People that are naked are just ... without clothes ... but it doesn't mean anything." 

It's something some of you might not like as art, and some of you might like it. But personally, I consider it beautiful art...the true honest beauty between nature and our bodies.

Be sure to watch the video at the end of this blog to view a slide show featuring some of the other photographers at the outing.