Ribbon Chicks

Ribbon Chicks started in 2011. They began their journey as a group for a younger crowd of women (40 years old or younger) who have survived breast cancer and the issues involved. Some women in the group have finished chemotherapy while others are just beginning. For all the members, this is a group of healing, comfort and support. Erin Leshore, Ribbon Chicks member, stated,  "Sometimes it's difficult to attend the support group because we see women that are experiencing the "cancer journey" and we know the hell they are going through. No one should go through cancer alone. We are all fighting the fight and waiting for the cure!! We meet every 3rd Wednesday of the month at Parkview Cancer comprehensive center at 5:30pm--door 4."

I feel honored that you asked me to come photograph your wonderful support group. Each and every one of you ladies are strong and amazing! Thank you for sharing your story with me so I can aid in spreading the word about this awesome group. :)

                                                                                Shoots for a Cure - Network Photographer