Choose what you want, achieve it with confidence.


Below are some images to show you how I, as a photographer, have grown just over the 3 years I have been in business. I might be putting myself out there but I firmly believe that each one of these images are beautiful. Yes, the more recent ones  might be more technically correct, BUT, in each image taken during my beginning stages there is still a beautiful person in that image. That person along with the confidence and heart I put into that particular session is what makes it beautiful. I am not knocking my old work here, I'm simply showing you how one can grow by putting time and effort into growing as a person and photographer over a period of time. It wasn't easy, but as you can see, very rewarding, and I am still no where NEAR where I want to be as an artist!








So there you have it. Make goals. Break Rules. Put your heart and soul into your work. BE CONFIDENT. That part is important, BE CONFIDENT. IF your heart is in it, you will desire to grow more and more! Even though there are always bumps in the road, know what you want and go for it. Your art will grow as you do.  


Warning: Time to get nostalgic:

In these past three years, many people have contributed to my sucess. I want to thank each of you for your guidence, patience, and knowledge you have shared with me!

My husband, Tony for being my number one fan. For pushing me to be the person I am and for putting up with my late hours of work and crankiness the next day. I love you.

My family and friends for supporting me, always. Mwah!

All my photographer friends who hang out with me, talk our talk, and share heart felt feelings of failure and success. You know who you are, I thank each and every one of you.

The Seen and not Blurred forum I am a part of, I would go crazy sometimes if I didn't have my peeps in that group. So many of you have helped me out when I needed design assistance and some awesome overlays OR honest feedback. I LOVE THIS GROUP.

Nathan from Ambit Designs for my awesome website and your expertise.

My assistants and second shooter; Christa, Shayla, Amanda, Nina and my stylist Laura. You guys all rock and are truly amazing!!!! You each add something amazing to what I have to offer.

My awesome clients: THANK YOU for trusting me to document your life! THANK YOU for growing with me! Here is one big virtual hug XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

Creative Live, my new found learning tool, I love what you offer for hungry photographers!!! I have learned so much from watching CL!!!!!!!!

Style Me Sweet Graphic Design Boutique for always designing my awesome logos!!! You are one talented gal!

To each and every one of you who has every offered me business or photography related advice, thank you!

I am one lucky girl to have this many awesome people in my life, whom each made me and my business what it is today!!!!!!!!!