Together We Can Make a Difference

Al was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer that had also spread to his lungs in February, 2011.

Al's diagnosis came only 3 months after his daughter was diagnosed with stage 3 moderately differentiated invasive carcinoma, a form of breast cancer.

Al was given a year to live.

One year and six months later, he has provn the doctors wrong! He has a very strong spirit and always a positive outlook on life and what it brings to each person. Erin also has gone through surgeries and treatments and is now in remission! Just in the short time which I had to chat with Erin, she is such an amazing person and I am sure an amazing mother to her four children! Here in the next few weeks I get to hang out with Erin's support group, Ribbon Chicks, and photograph them as well! Erin fully believes that together, we can make a difference!!

Al is such a fighter, he is pushing through to live a happy and full life with his wife, daughter and grandchildren. His family says his strong spirit and positive personality have no doubt brought him this far. What an inspiration...this man is still in high spirits and has such an awesome outlook that you would never guess his situation. Truly an inspiration to his family and those who know him.


Thank you for sharing your story!!!!!!!!

Shoots for a Cure - Network Photographer