Keeping Sanity, Maternity Leave, and The Herron Family.

There is a naming game going on over at my facebook page and I love it! Our baby boy will be here in 13 weeks and yet have we decided on a name. Keep the names coming, your ideas are great! With that said, yes, after the baby is born I will take take off for a bit. However, I do have sessions scheduled before and after baby is born preplanned into the time I am taking off. I have already scheduled myself into the new routine that will take place after baby is born and have appointments booked until October 2014. I will also have an assistant helping me with bookings and invoicing starting, hopefully, by the time the baby is here! :)

With that said, if you are having a baby yourself, please, do not wait until the last minute to book your newborn session. I have weddings every month until November 2014 and my spots are already limited. I ONLY take two weddings a month and every month but July is full for Weddings. If you want Senior photos or Fall Photos, you bet you better book it now :).  As always, I only take so many appointments a week so I can also be a mom/wife and whatever else life throws at me.  And keep my sanity. Because, let's face it...sanity is an important thing to keep. :)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I know I sure did. It is great being pregnant during the holidays! :) Leaving you today with images from a family shoot I did before Thanksgiving, the "Herron Family". They were a lot of fun to photograph! The kiddos giggled the entire time and even made mom and dad laugh. I loved their joy and happiness that clearly came through with each image. It was one of those sessions that not only were they smiling the entire time but, so was I. Enjoy.