It's okay to feel sexy...

Boudoir photography was something I stumbled upon. A client had asked me to photograph her in lingerie...she wanted to send prints as a gift to her husband over seas.  I agreed and held my very first boudoir session.  I could do this...I mean I knew your typical "sexy poses" hard could it be?? Boy oh boy, I was missing a huge part of boudoir photography and their images lacked something. Their confidence.

I found that many women were interested in boudoir sessions but didn't "feel" like they looked "good enough" to be in front of the camera! WAIT, WHAT?! This is where I came to a screeching halt. I knew I had to do SOMETHING different to make women feel beautiful and confident in their own skin!  "True You" was then created.

True You is all about owning your own sexy...being okay with the person you are in your own skin. These sessions shouldn't be about hiding parts of ourselves, but being confident, strong, beautiful women.  For True You sessions, women don't have to JUST wear lingerie...jeans and a black lace camisole can be drop dead sexy.  Glamorous gowns, a little black dress, boy shorts or any lingerie...with True You sessions you can be yourself and own your own sexy just as you are.

One of the busiest times for True You sessions are before Valentines Day, and this year went crazzzzy good! Thank you, to my AH-MAZING make up artists (Ellie, Erin, and Amy). Each of these ladies rock the make up world. They make my clients feel beautiful and sassy!  When True You clients proofed their images this year, each and every one told me how beautiful they felt! It puts a smile on my face knowing that my creative team and I could show these women how beautiful they are...they all, for sure, owned their own sexy.