What makes 'your' art YOURS?

Hey all! This blog is something I pulled from a thought process I recently jotted down. This blog does require some reading so put your reading glasses on and stick with me! Here we go....

Lately, I have been asking myself, Why do I process my images the way I do?  Why do I favor the kind of light I use during my sessions?  How do my images make me feel? What emotions do they pull?  What is it in the images that make me FEEL those emotions?   Some pretty intense questions if you really peel back the layers and explore. 

I can tell you though, when I look at photographers whom I admire I can easily pinpoint what I love about their imagery.

High Fashion Melissa DeWitt Photography.jpg

For instance, Jasmine Star: I love the free spirit feeling in her images, posed but yet it still feels free. Her editorial yet fashionable style draws me in along with her simple colorful edits.  Another example, Lara Jade: a young high fashion photographer who uses light to enhance the drama. I love the darkness in her imagery as well as the color, the mood she creates draw me in completely.

I sit here and look at my work and compare my imagery to my personal life. For my studio and home I like to decorate with brighter colors. On the contrary, with my art I love shadow. I love matte and emotion. Color is always present in my art but I tend to process my images with the mood I envisioned while I shot it.  It matches a part of my soul. It is interesting to me the way I use color and emotion in each aspect of my life...from my art to how I decorate my home.

Eng Session Melissa DeWitt Photography.jpg

Considering all of that, I was reading Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson (yes, fully aware I am a nerd). His beautiful words put what I am trying to say right into context. I wanted to share it with you because I believe it is important to know why you are the artist you are and what you want to portray with your art:

" Thus in fine arts, not imitation but creation is the aim. In landscapes the painter should give the suggestion of a fairer creation than we know. The details, the prose of nature he should omit and give us only the spirit and splendor....and he will come to value the expression of nature and not nature itself, and so exalt in his copy the features that please him. He will give the gloom of gloom and the sunshine of sunshine. In a portrait he must inscribe the character and not the features..." ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson 

In other words, I want to not only take a picture but show the intense character and details that are happening before my eyes but only I can see. Show a deeper side that only I felt at that specific moment in time....the emotion, the light, the passion, the authenticity which I felt and saw....it is what makes my art, mine.

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