Being Friends with Other Photographers

If you live in Northern Indiana, you have probably noticed how saturated the area is with photographers. In fact, this probably stands true for many areas around the world. The world of photography has grown out of the film days (although I still adore film) and has entered the digital world and with it has created many genres of photographers at many different experience levels. Some may say, is what has created the "dog eat dog photography competitive industry"...but it doesn't have to be that way.

As far as I am concerned, I am my only competition. I cannot hide from myself so why not rock my own style and stay true to my art instead of comparing myself to OTHER photographers? When we, as photographers, focus on what other photography business's are doing with their art/business we are wasting valuable time we could be spending on our own art and business!! Do you REALLY want to be like another photographer? I know I don't.  I want to be me....I want my own style and likeability factor and to rock it like there is no tomorrow. In the mix of things, I want to be friends with other photographers...there is something about being friends with other photogs that is reassuring because we all understand each other pretty darn well! Either that or we are all a little bit of crazy.

Long story short, this is the reason why I created the monthly photo outing group (it will be a year old this summer!). It isn't a mentoring session each month and it isn't a rock star photo session either. It is a welcoming group where photographers (amateur and pro) can come together and SHARE creative visions, photograph something new each month, try new posing/techniques/props, LEARN from EACH OTHER, and to flat out HAVE FUN and make new friends! This group is not a place for discouragement. I don't care who you work for, what studio  you are a part of, or what kind of camera you have...this group is a reminder that photography, at its essence, is an art form and to draw us back to why we began our photo journey anyway....

 So, now that I blabbed a bunch (typical), take a peek at the video below from our March  Photo Outing themed "High School Senior Photography". A special thanks to my husband, Tony DeWitt, for piecing this video together and to all the 'togs for coming out!