My Daughter's Birthday - Stop Motion Film

I am going to come straight out and say it, this blog is probably a bit sappy and sentimental. I promise if you hang in there you get to view a really awesome stop motion film my husband created!!!! 

This past Saturday, June 8th, was my daughter's fourth birthday! It seems like yesterday I was in the hospital, 16 hours of labor, giving birth to that little pistol.


Gracie is such a sweet little girl. She is a little shy but some how also full of energy and lots of questions. She is creative, intelligent, witty, goofy, silly, and full of joy. I love my little four year old, she makes me so proud. She is four going on fourteen, well her attitude anyway. :-) 

You can clearly see her personality shine even at one year....


Some how she turned two, and became, well you know, ornery. 


Still being silly at three....gosh looking at these photos I cannot believe how much she has grown!!!! :(


My sweet sassy diva child at four....cannot believe it. Four.Years.Old.


Sigh. My beautiful Gracie Monroe. Four.  

Okay enough of that. I promised you a video. My husband created a stop motion film of Gracie's birthday. The two things she asked for was "pink and sparkly decor" and a "boat ride with daddy". She definitely got both! A special thank you to The Cake Lady for her birthday cake that was YUUUMMY! 

Okay, now go watch the video and see how we celebrated her birthday...I am so happy my husband documents memories like this for us by video...such an amazing keepsake to have for her when she is older (and for me to have so I can bug you again in four years by another sentimental blog)!