A Journey to Detroit: A photographer, make up artist, & model.

Last October when I hosted our "dress up" Shoot and Mingle, my friend Carrie Weaver Photography brought a model for our shoot. The models name was, Christina.  Since then, I have asked Christina to model for me at several different events/shoots. She is friggin' awesome to say the least. Not only that but we became friends and she is the sweetest person ever. Okay, so on with the story about  Detroit.

A few months back Christina submitted an image to Lindsay Adler's Look Faboulous Tour to be a model. Upon sharing this with me I just knew she would be asked to model for their tour. Weeks later, she was accepted! The tour manager asked for make up artist info and next thing you know, one of my awesome make up artists, Ellie Monce, and Christina were conspiring to head to Detroit for the Tour! Before I knew it, I'd purchased a ticket to the tour and was headed to Detroit with a model and make up artist.

First off, let me just tell you how nervous I was to attend this tour. Lindsay Adler's Fashion images are just stunning and Lou Freeman's conceptual images are amazeballs. Since I have started my photography journey I have never had anyone ever teach me anything. Okay I take that back, I second shot a wedding in auto with a canon rebel for another photographer....with no training....buuuuut that doesn't count. This would be the very first time a real life true professional who is known nation wide was teaching ME!!! Of course I was so afraid I would look like a fool in front of Lindsay and Lou...afraid that I would forget where my ISO was or how to change my fstop, or yeah, just forget basics.  With nerves, the three of us headed out on the open road toward Detroit.

2013-06-04_0002 copy.jpg
2013-06-04_0003 copy.jpg

If you were following us on Instagram you watched our every move. We of course started out with hitchhiking.....

You know I told me self last time I hung out with Christina to wear heals so I didn't look so short. Here I am with heals....still.short.

After the so very long drive, feltlikewedrovefordaaaaays, to Detroit, We arrived. Of course after we checked into the hotel our first instinct was to eat!

PF Changs was our stop, and honestly one of the most gorgeous yummy restaurants I have ever been in!


I will spare you the images from after we took a hotel swim and looked deathly tired...but we were all nervous for the tour in the next morning!!! Two a.m. rolled by and finally we were all asleep dreaming about Lindsay Adler and Lou Freeman. That's not creepy, right?

One reason I wanted to attend this tour was to learn about studio lighting. For the past three years I have taught myself how to manipulate natural window light and sun light with reflectors and such....this allowed me to achieve the look I wanted, for highlights and shadows, without studio lights. But, because I want to lean more into the fashion industry with beauty photos and conceptual shoots I know that certain lighting techniques can give me a look the sunlight cannot. Plus, I am getting sick of weather ruining my light, so onto learning about studio lights!


Between being nervous and well, being nervous, I managed to snap some photos for instagram....below are the behind the scenes images from the tour....

Three of the five set ups Lou and Lindsay had for us. Each with a different light set up.

Three of the five set ups Lou and Lindsay had for us. Each with a different light set up.

A nifty way to use my speed light!

A nifty way to use my speed light!

Lou Freeman and I (far right) and Lindsay, Lou and I (left) Lindsay decided to tell me, while Ellie snapped this photo, that I was "little". :)

Lou Freeman and I (far right) and Lindsay, Lou and I (left) Lindsay decided to tell me, while Ellie snapped this photo, that I was "little". :)

I am so incredibly thankful for Lou and Lindsay both sharing their expertise! I knew that I had a sense on how to "see" light and "where" to place my subjects to get the lighting technique I want....but studio light or even lighting to take off location is a different ball game and I am so excited to dip my toes into it! :) A huge thank you to Lindsay Adler and Lou Freeman for putting on this amazing Tour!!  Below are some images I snapped from the set ups Lindsay and Lou had. Enjoy, and thanks for reading this very long blog :-).

_MDP1665 copy.jpg
_MDP1693 copy.jpg
melissa dewitt photography lft3.jpg
melissa dewitt photography lft2.jpg
melissa dewitt photography lft5.jpg
melissa dewitt photography lft4.jpg

I believe it is good to get out of your comfort zone and try new things. It is the only way that I learn.  Of course it can be frustrating, but learning something new can lead to so much growth and as an artist/photographer....I feel like growth is needed in order for me to stay sane and creative.