Cystic Fibrosis: Mini Session

Before I start in on this blog, let me tell you about a good stinkin deal happening today at 4pm!  Look at this photo below, see the texture on it....

texture mdp.jpg

I used a slight texture on it from KML Creatives, from her Grunge Collection. If you have been following  my work, you may know that I use many action sets, cloud overlays, and textures from KML. Why do I use them?? Because they are awesome and work well with my workflow. 

ALL of her texture collections will be on sale today at 4pm for $75.00!! That is over $200 in savings! Collections you receive for the $75.00 : Artist Canvas, Textured Cloud Overlays, Fine Art, Grunge, Grungier, LS Trashed, Nostalgia, Pieces, Vintage, Whispers. If you have been wanting to try textures, now is the time!! Get your hands on these! Don't mean to sound like an info-commercial, but really this is a swwweeeet deal!! :)

Okay, and now, onto more peeks from Laura's family who had a mini session which went toward the Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser I held a few weeks back! Laura's family could not make it on the fundraiser date so we scheduled their session it last week....AND I have one more CF Mini session this week! Thank you, again, to all you awesome people who came out to support Cystic Fibrosis!