Determining Your Fate. A Concept Shoot.

      “Public opinion is a weak tyrant compared with our own private opinion. What a man thinks of himself, that it is which determines, or rather indicates, his fate.”

~Henry David Thoreau

From time to time I have crazy ideas. Okay, more often than time to time. But, I like being crazy, I guess.   It keeps things interesting, especially in the conceptual photography area of my art. If you haven't noticed, this is one type of art I love, Concepts. I love creating a story with meaning from beginning to end and portraying my inner thought process into images. It relaxes me, it's kinda therapeutic.

This concept shoot began with a dress, my mother's old prom dress to be exact, that had mouse chewed holes in it and attic dust collected on it. All I knew is I wanted to transform it. I took a road trip to the craft store and came out with a load of flowers and hot glue. Guess what happened next?

After a few hours of burning the crud out of my fingers, the dress was finished. I had previously asked my friend to give me one word, she said, "love". This was the word I used to create the concept and why I choose to decorate the dress with flowers. 

THE CONCEPT: I personally believe that it is hard for people to love themselves and their ideas in today's world. It seems as if people think that their opinion does not matter! I beg to differ. I believe that being yourself and loving who you are and what you stand for matters AND I also believe that society/media does a wonderful job stripping that confidence away from people.  

Here is a girl, running from society. The monster that tells her she is not enough. The creature that claws at her soul telling her not to take the path she desires most. The thing that attempts to persuade her to be something she is not. She runs fast and far away from society's opinions and as she does, the closer she becomes to being her true self.

She begins to see beauty and finds it in nature.  At that moment she transforms into the true beautiful self she really is,  determined and ready to tackle with a true heart what fate lies ahead.

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