No Competition Necessary

A client of mine, Christie, is one heck of a writer. She works for the local newspaper and has started her own online magazine called "reVision".  I am so excited for her and this new adventure!!! Her magazine, reVision, focuses on local inspiration which highlights area professionals, community leaders and events that will build women of all ages. How awesome is that?


Not only is Christie a beautiful woman, but she is offering such a great outlet for women.

"If you feel that there is a part of you that is tied down, held back...if you feel that your passions, dreams and goals have been squelched, silenced or lost...if you are tired of being defined by your last mistake, your latest tragedy or your greatest fear...then reVision magazine has a message for you -- Your life can be revised, your purpose can be redefined, your passion can be reignited and you can rediscover the life that is waiting for you." Christie Workman, publisher, reVision magazine 


Christie asked me if she could interview me for a piece she was working on...I agreed of course. When she came to my home for the interview my girls blabbed nonstop. I am surprised she didn't write a story about their words of wisdom! ha! She left my home with hand made art from my 4 and 2 year old, which they were very proud to give to her. 

The article came out today, and with it an image of me from when my business was a baby. I thought it was fitting, even though I did not know Christie was using that exact image. Here I was holding my very first camera with my kit lens as a business woman and photographer who had SO MANY IDEAS. I look back at that image and smile, and I want to hug myself for staying true to what I wanted and needed to do for myself and family. Even though at that time I wanted a full frame camera and nice lenses, I knew I had to be patient and stay true my game plan. Folks, that is one piece of advice I would offer over and over again....STAY TRUE TO YOUR ART AND YOURSELF! NO ONE can take YOU away from YOURSELF!

Here is the article Christie interviewed me for, "No Competition Necessary" (click on the title to view the article), where I talk about my outlook on local competition and the importance of your brand.  Go check it out!

 Thank you, Christie, for asking me to share this information with you. You have such a beautiful heart and what you are doing with reVision is wonderful!

You can check out Christie's blog here, she has some great stuff!: