Terry & Danielle's Wedding Story | Columbia City IN, Wedding Photographer

When I asked Danielle to tell me a little bit about how her and Terry met, her story was perfect. It wasn't some made up love story...but a real heart felt story of how they both came together and built their love toward marriage. I had the honor of photographing their beautiful wedding this past weekend, IN THE SNOW! It was beautiful, well, the snow was but not so much the cold. :)

Here is a little piece of what Danielle shared with me for this blog, their love story:

"I have known of Terry since I was a little girl. A couple of his best friends dated my older sisters.  Then about six years ago, I was a struggling college student, and took apart time job at Egolf’s IGA.  Terry has worked there for a good number of years.  Terry started hanging around the store even when he wasn’t working, but I was.  We would pick on each other constantly.  One night about 4 months after I started working there, he came in and slipped a note in my pocket that asked if I would like to go out with him."

 "He and I had an on again off again relationship.  He is 12 years older than me and I was just looking to date and have fun, and he was wanting to settle down.  Over the years we forged a friendship like no other I have ever seen before.  He somehow became my best friend.  About 2 years ago Terry gave me a job working with him at his landscape business.  I took the job, and we spent many days working side by side.  I was dating somebody else at this time, but when I was with him I found myself still wanting to be with Terry so I ended that relationship, and asked Terry out on a date in July of 2012 and we have been together ever since.  We are a lucky couple who truly get to marry their best friends."


Thank you, Terry & Danielle, for asking me to photograph your wedding day! Also, THANK YOU, Carrie Weaver Photography & my hubby for helping my pregnant self during the wedding! :)