Model Search - High School Seniors 2015 | Columbia City, IN Senior Portrait Photographer

Hey everyone! I know you are all wondering if the baby is here yet, because I have been getting quite a few messages :). I HAVE NOT had the baby yet! Wish he was here, but he isn't. He is taking his sweet time, which probably means he will come when we have this so called snow storm Sunday...because that is how it usually works, right? :) Either way, I am super excited for this baby boy to come into this world. Our kiddos are REALLY excited, they even say they are going to change poopy diapers!!! HA! Bets that it won't happen, anyone? :) 

I am enjoying my time off, just relaxing. I don't get to do this often so it is really nice! My midwife said I am around 3cm, so perhaps he will come soon....or wait until next week. Whenever he is ready (please sooner than later)!

So, while I wait oh so patiently, let's talk about my 2015 Senior Model Search!!!!

Samantha 2014 Senior Model for Melissa DeWitt Photography

Samantha 2014 Senior Model for Melissa DeWitt Photography

I am looking for TWO high school senior models. They can be from ANY local school near Whitley County. Senior Models are pampered with a full professional hair and make up look and get to star in our Video Premier for 2015 Seniors! Not only do our Models get to star in our video, but also get to model for our 2015 Senior Promo Photos which will be posted all over our social media pages and you will be sorta kinda locally famous. :) Senior Models also have the chance to earn a free full senior session and free products, pretty stinkin' awesome, huh?  If you are a spunky, stylish, and outgoing 2015 Senior to be, GO HERE to APPLY to be a 2015 Melissa DeWitt Photography Senior Model!! You have until March 22nd to apply. The two Senior Models will be notified via email and posted on social media. (ps: please folks, don't have your parents fill this out for you, we want to hear from YOU, the senior to be, and we want to hear what YOU have to say.) CAN'T WAIT to choose our models!!

To check out who our 2014 Senior Models were and to see the promo photos and video they stared in, go check out this blog and watch the video premier for our 2014 Models below:

I will update you all when Baby Abrem comes...keep is in your thoughts! :)