Baby Abrem's Birth Story | Columbia City Indiana Newborn Photographer

Abrem's pregnancy was hard. I always said it was because he was a boy. My girls gave me discomfort during pregnnacy, too, but nothing like Abrem's. I couldn't wait to be in labor. Toward the end of my pregnancy with him, I felt like labor would feel so much better than being pregnant! HA!

Monday morning I woke up around 1:30am with contractions. They were about 15 minutes apart and not too painful. I didn't get too excited because two days prior my contractions came and then disappeared completely . After about two hours of consistent 15 - 10 minute apart contractions I figured I should probably wake up my husband and talk about Abrem's Birthday possibly happening! We decided to give the midwife a ring since it was snowy out, that way she was aware of what was going on.  At this time, the contractions were not painful, just annoying. I wanted to be in pain and get it over with. It was one of those, " like, seriously?!" moments where I knew that this labor was going to LINGER for a bit.

My girls woke up around 6:30am followed by my midwife arriving. Things kinda slowed down a bit... but shortly after my mom took the girls over to her house my contractions picked up again, just as Laura (my midwife) said they would. > Game.On.

Contractions weren't tooooo painful at this time but it did get to the point where I thought, "well maybe I should call the birth photographer".  With my last daughter's home birth, Melissa Jordan, (our birth photographer) arrived right as Selah was crowning. Oops, shoulda called a bit sooner on that one! I promised Melissa that this time I would call her with plenty of time, and I did, because even after she arrived THE.CONTRACTIONS.STILL.LINGERED!!!

About an hour passed and contractions became a little more intense, so out came my Young Living Oils for massages and relaxation. Leaning over a chair while standing or up against the wall while holding my belly up was so comforting. Sitting just plain sucked. I decided it might feel really good on my back and contractions to hop in the birth pool. {My husband had been running around frantically during all of this, blowing and filling up the birth pool with hot water. That man, he sure did a lot that morning....all so I could accomplish my waterbirth wish.}

The pool felt great, as I thought. Laura contractions might slow down once getting in the tub for the first time. Darn you Laura for being right. Out of the tub I went and into the bedroom, alone, like she suggested. She said my contractions would pick up if I just sat alone. Darn you for being right again :). I guess that is what I get for having such an awesome midwife. She knows her stuff. 

Laboring in my bed room, yeah... ouch. Contractions started to get pretty hard. I tried leaning, laying, still hurt. So much for lingering contractions...these things started to get real! While I was laboring in my bedroom, my birth team ate eggs for lunch and my husband massaged my back during contractions. At this time, it was about noon...I think.

After noon, those contractions went places. I was about 4-5 cm and feelin the rush of BABY DAY!  Not gonna lie, I was laboring pretty darn good at this point. My friend, Sarah, acted as my doula. She massaged my feet and legs with my Young Living Oils to keep me relaxed and some what calm.  She helped me take full deep breaths that kept me strong and the pain manageable.  Sometime between one and one thirty, contractions were finally getting pretty darn painful (front and back labor but I felt most of it in my lower back and hips). I decided to give the birth tub a whirl again. Into the nice warm lavender water I went, aaah felt soooo good.

This time, my contractions did not stop. They just kept on keeping on, THANK GOODNESS. I was so ready for this baby to be born! The pain was intense but somewhat pleasant. It felt good to be in pain, I wanted my baby to be born. I think laboring brings out the monster in us. Well, this labor did for me anyway. I was pretty quite my last labors....but Abrem's....the pressure was in my hips, back, and you know...other places....SO cussing just felt good. Breathing felt good. Laboring on my knees leaning over the tub felt amazing. My husband held my hand through contractions and so did Sarah.  Toward the end, I was not sure whos hands I was squeezing, my husband said they were Sarah's. I probably broke every bone in her hands :).

I don't remember much except saying my hips hurt and asking Sarah to fan my face. I think Sarah grew a third arm at this point because I am not sure how I was squeezing her hands during a contraction and her still fanning me. Shoot, she was even telling me how to breath and encouraging me.

Suddenly, I knew he was coming. He was right there. Two deep breaths in and two deep breaths out...Abrem came flying out. Literally. I am not sure how in the world that happened but he didn't stop. All of hm followed after his head and next thing I know Laura is lifting Abrem out of the water. I think I looked at her crazy when she told me to hold him because I truly thought I still had pushing to go! AND, that is when I saw Abrem's sweet face for the first time. Laura helped me hold him, sit down in the pool, and cuddle my first son. Abrem was born at 2pm 3/3/2014...7lbs 14.5 ounces and 21 inches long.

I was in aw. It was painful but a different type of good pain. It started slow, but ended quickly....and the reward was a sweet baby boy. I felt great after giving birth. I felt strong and confident and loved by everyone around me.

Not too long after Abrem was fed and assessed, he began to have some respiratory issues. Laura was on top of her game, as always. We had to be transported by ambulance to Parkview North Hospital. Scarey? Yes. But I kept telling myself if it was that huge of an emergency the ambulance would have their lights on... the ride was just to keep Abrem on his back with oxygen on. 

I didn't expect to go to the hospital, at all. So you can imagine how unprepared I was for this. Giving birth and then two hours later sitting in an ambulance longing to hold my newborn son, praying that God would keep him safe and healthy. My heart was aching. Bad.

Exhausted and at the hospital, we found out Abrem had a slight infection in his lung, something he was born with. The doctor was great and assured us that this would have happened even if we had a hospital birth. Antibiotics were started and Abrem stayed on oxygen for extra breathing support.

Today, he is doing great. He hasn't had to use oxygen as much and is able to breath all on his own at times throughout the day. We have to stay in the Newborn ICU until Monday to finish out the antibiotics, but hopefully soon after we will be on our way home.

As I am writing this, I am sitting here in the NICU watching my son sleep. Even though this is not what we wanted nor expected, I am grateful. Tiffany, a very wise friend of mine, sent me a text saying that there are no accidents, that I am meant to be in this exact moment right here and now. I truly believe her, but it is a hard truth to grasp. To just be and go with being in the's a very hard task to achieve. 

We had a beautiful home birth, in the water, just like I wanted. Labor was actually fantastic and I couldn't be more happy with the support and expertise given during the birth. During our stay at the NICU we have had so many kind people and strangers GIVE. We have had so many wonderful nurses which has made this NICU experience as close to home as it can possibly get. Despite the unplanned moments, I feel very blessed and so very thankful for this moment, right now. There is no doubt about it... Birth is beautiful.

{To my husband...I love you. I love everything about what you have done for me. You are an amazing man being by my side, keeping me strong and telling me how beautiful I am while giving birth to your children. I am so honored to be your wife, I love you with all my heart. Sweet little Abrem has an amazing father....and on top of that everyone that has been praying...THANK.YOU.}