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Today is my first day back to work after my whole month off, which was incredible by the way. Not only did I enjoy my month off but I also was slapped in the face with my priorities. I knew my priorities but became so caught up in all the glorification of being busy.

My husband and I agreed I would be a stay at home mom and run a photography business "on the side" to help support our family financially.  Let me be honest here..."one the side" never existed. The first 4 years of the business pretty much took over every aspect of my life. These last 2 years have not been as bad because I set strict working hours...but with three kids and homeschooling....ya'll, I was just plain out too tired after "working my on the side job" to have the fun my kids wanted to have.

These three little children are all mine and count on me day after day. I want to enjoy lunch time with them. I want to play games with them without worrying about calling a client in ten minutes. I want to enjoy slumber parties with them without feeling like I have to edit late that night. It is a horrible feeling seeing the joy sucked out of their faces when they hear I will be gone all day working or are told I cannot cuddle with them because I have to work on the computer for a few hours. I don't want to be that kind of mom. I do not want my children to be afraid to ask me to have fun with them.  I want my husband to be able to enjoy spending time with the whole me and not half of me because my face is buried in my computer working. I love my husband, he is my rock. I need him and never want anything to come before him. I am a wife and mother first....photographer second.  That is reality, folks.

One day my kids won't be this little.

All the pictures I take in the world won't ever bring their littleness back.

I want to be a photographer. I want to capture your memories for you to always cherish . But as a business woman / entrepreneur I need to be smarter about it.  I won't be booking as many appointments as I usually do. I use to book about 20 a month and now will only be booking half or less than half a month depending on the season. My pricing and packages are all inclusive now, no more in studio proofing sessions. I am trying to keep it simple in 2015, simple and fun. Really. Because what is life if you are constantly rushing around not enjoying nature and simple baby grins and tiny fingers grabbing yours or pulling on your shirt....what would life be without 3am feedings and watching your babies sleep and actually having the time to ENJOY it? Life is going to be so much more for me now because I am going to run this business "on the side" while I watch, enjoy, and help my children grow.

With that said, I have appointments booked out into 2016 and since I am taking limited appointments if you want a specific season (Fall/Summer) please don't wait too long because I won't be squeezing in extra sessions this year. What a blessing it is that I can have this business and run it in a way that is supportive to my family.

2015, you will not control me...I have you by the horns. This is going to be a wonderful year, I feel it already. :-)