Abe turns 1 | A Personal Post | Melissa DeWitt Photography

It has been a very quick year. Today my sweet baby boy, Abrem, is one. Just look at that sweet newborn face.

But first let's back that truck up to 13 months ago. I had a talented gal draw some henna on my belly and my friend Carrie (Carrie Weaver Photography) graciously photographed it.

March 1st was an eventful day. I had a wedding to photograph and that morning I woke up with contractions. The contractions held off and I was able to photograph all the pre photos. Melissa Toma and Carrie Weaver finished the wedding for me that day, so grateful for those two. It is wonderful having such great photographer friends.

Two days later I woke up around 6am with the real deal. I called my midwife, Lauren, and Melissa Jordan (birth photographer) while my husband prepped the birth tub. At that time I posted the birth tub photo to instagram/facebook. Game on.

Abe's birth was amazing. I was able to use my Young Living Essential Oils for pain and relaxation during labor and birth. Being in the hot tub with lavender water was the best. My doula, Sarah, was simply amazing. She rubbed my feet and back with Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang....I don't know how I would have managed without her.

We have a journal we wrote for all our kids....we wrote in it throughout the pregnancy and after. Here is my hubs writing in Abe's right before he was born.

Abe was my biggest baby, but by far the easiest to deliver. Meeting my son for the first time was breathtaking. Holding him in my arms after 9 months and laboring, my heart spilled out all over.

The birth was wonderful. Everything I could have asked for. My birth team was amazing. My husband, he is always my rock. Shortly after Abe's birth my midwife suggested we take him to the hospital because his breathing was irregular. She began oxygen on him until the ambulance arrived. This was one of the most scariest moments in my life. I didn't know what was wrong, and I just gave birth. I was tired and all I wanted to do is cuddle and nurse my son. On our way to Parkview (Fort Wayne) I kept glancing at the back of the ambulance at my tiny newborn son, laying there, without his mama holding him. My heart kept breaking over and over again. I prayed and prayed....and if I wasn't so tired and afraid I would have balled like a child. My husband was situating things with our girls, and I was longing to hold my son who was on oxygen in the back of the ambulance (I was sitting in the front).

We arrived at the NICU and learned that Abe had pneumonia. The doctors stated that even if we had a hospital birth the same would have occurred, but they had no answers to why he was born with it. We were told we had to stay in the NICU for one week. At that point, I pretty much broke down.  My husband however, that man, he always knows what I need to hear. He lifted  my spirits like he always does.

Abe is smiling at his sisters. This is the first time they saw him since birth. We waited until all his cords and stuff were off of him to bring the girls in for a visit.

I could not have been happier to leave the NICU. Our stay, however, was comfortable as it could have been. The nurses and NICU team were wonderful. I met so many awesome NICUE nurses... they took good care of us. It felt so good bringing my son home!! I was afraid, but relieved to be home. It was strange not hearing the beeps from the machines and not worrying about cords while I held him. I will never forget that day when we brought him home.

Sarah Beth Photography, that lady traveled all the way from Indy to my studio to photograph Abe's newborn photos. SO grateful for her and her talent.

Abrem is 3 months. Such a happy baby.

Six months.....sigh.

Nine months....I want to go back into time.

And now, Abrem is ONE.


He is one. How did this happen so darn fast? He is a little spit fire. So energetic, so smiley, so happy, so cuddly. He is the best baby boy I could have asked for. Abe is such a daddy's boy. My heart leaps out of my chest seeing him and my husband together. They look so much alike, and will probably act like each other, too. Lucky me. :)

Despite the fear and worry I had after birth and the longing to hold my baby during our NICU stay, I can say now that that process made me a better person, a better mom. Feeling like you could lose your baby is just, horrible. Beyond horrible. We were never told that was even a possibility, but I didn't know that until we arrived at the NICU and was told everything would be fine.

The whole experience made me realize how precious life is, his little life....my kids' little lives. Putting work or whatever else before spending time with them, just doesn't happen any more. God is good, all the time. Sometimes He has to hit me over the head to realize things. But I get it now. Life needs to be enjoyed to its fullest second by second. And today, I am enjoying  my son's Birth Day. Happy Birthday you sweet handsome baby boy. I love you, so much more than you will ever know...to the moon and back, again and again and again.