The Fear of Failing | Northeastern Indiana Photographer

Wow, what a crazy five years it has been since my business began. It will be 6 years this coming October. I have been thinking a lot about how much my business has changed these past 5 years. Good changes. Of course, at the time when anything changed > like pricing, products, or whatever...I always had a slight panic attack and my husband had to sit me down and say, "What the heck are you worried about?"

What was I worried about?? Good question.

I dunno, failing?

Remember that time when you thought you were failing? Or maybe you still feel like that. To be honest, I think we all do, to an extent, no matter HOW long you have been in business. When my hobby became a legit business, things flew to the next level. Things like taxes, pricing accordingly so I actually MADE money after purchasing products/gas/time and all that jazz was factored in. < Talk about nerve wrecking! As an individual who is the heart and soul of a in the world do you price yourself...and your worth? And then, it sneaks up on you....because change is scary and running a business is scary... that feeling of, "oh no what if I fail" creeps on in. 

I felt like I was failing once....well more than once...but one huge instance was when I was afraid to post my conceptual work because it didn't LOOK like what other local photographers were posting. < WHAAAT? for real what in the world was I thinking? I didn't want to be like other photographers anyway and once I got over myself and did what I loved...and followed my was a bit easier.

Running a business is going to be hard. Period. Running a business will have so many rewards, too! When you enjoy what you do and you can provide income to your family doing so, it is a huge blessing SO DO NOT FORGET THAT! We all have anxiety about what our clients will think when we change something or what other local photographers will think about our work...but really....Why does it matter so much? This is not THEIR business. It is YOUR business. YOU are the boss, the head honcho.  Act like it. Create a solid marketing plan, know your stuff, and good grief have fun! You are wasting valuable time worrying when you could be applying that time to your business or even better yet, your clients.

What would you do today if you couldn't fail?  Truly and honestly, what would you do? Think about that for a moment....

My point of this whole thing is, don't be afraid of what feels right. Just be yourself and do your thing, and do it with excitement. It is really THAT uncomplicated.

Hard? Yes.

Worth it? Yep.

Failing? Nope. :) Winning.

Keep that attitude, and you will never, ever, fail.