Averi & Bailey | 2016 Senior Models | Melissa DeWitt Photography | North Eastern Indiana High School Senior Photographer

Let me introduce you to two beautiful gals, Averi and Bailey. These special ladies are my 2016 Senior Models!! Each year a panel of judges and Ihand select a few models to represent their senior class and school. Averi is the 2016 Senior Model from Columbia City High School and Baily representing 2016 class of Wabash.

This year I switched things up a bit and had applicants send in videos. Averi's was very creative and artistic. I was so impressed! Bailey had such a great sense of humor. I could tell right off the bat how sweet that girl was. Them two combined is simply incredible.Ellie (my make up artist) and I really enjoyed working with them both.

For their senior model shoot we had two different looks at two different locations. I totally love the creepy cool look we pulled off at the first location followed by the warm gooey sunlight we had while we played in a sunflower field at sunset. These two girls rocked my socks off, and just wait until you see the 2016 Senior Model video here in a few weeks! It's going to be so great!

If you are from Columbia City or the Wabash area, Averi & Bailey will both have discount cards to hand out to their friends. These discount cards can be used toward senior sessions only!! So, make sure you hit them up. I am currently booking 2016 SPRING senior sessions...2015 Fall season is completely booked.

Okay, now I am going to quit typing so you can take a look at these gorgeous gals for yourself! Meet Averi & Bailey, my beautiful 2016 Senior Models !!!