Terry & Danielle's Wedding Story | Columbia City IN, Wedding Photographer

When I asked Danielle to tell me a little bit about how her and Terry met, her story was perfect. It wasn't some made up love story...but a real heart felt story of how they both came together and built their love toward marriage. I had the honor of photographing their beautiful wedding this past weekend, IN THE SNOW! It was beautiful, well, the snow was but not so much the cold. :)

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Mr. & Mrs. Sayre ~ A Wedding Story

Once upon a time, Claire visited her brother at college, which was the same college Drake attended as well. While having fun at a frat party, Drake and Claire met and danced the night away. A few years later, Claire took Drake's hand in marriage and I was there to capture their Happily Ever After!  :-)

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Mr. & Mrs. Smith - A Wedding Story

I have known Autumn and Brandon for quite some time. I graduated high school with Brandon and Autumn was a grade ahead of me. One fact I can tell you about Autumn is that I have always thought she had the most beautiful eyes! Seriously, they are stunning. 

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Fusion Film - Brown Wedding

If you follow me on facebook, you probably have noticed the cute little videos I have been sharing lately. Those are my husband's doing....and we call them Fusion Films. Here is is latest film he created from the Brown Wedding we photographed last weekend (6.22.13). {You can check out the images from their wedding here: http://www.melissadewittphotography.com/blog/2013/6/24/mr-mrs-brown-a-wedding-story}

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Mr & Mrs Brown - A Wedding Story

When I first met Marc and Ashlee, I was jealous of their tan. They love hanging out at the lake, which I don't blame them.   Their outdoor wedding venue suited them well which was right down the road from a handful of beautiful lakes in North Webster, Indiana.

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Mr. & Mrs. Gardenour - A Wedding Story

Courtney and Taylor first met four years ago, when they were seniors in high school, while they both worked at Pizza Hut. They began dating and two months later Taylor left for basic training (Air Force) and Courtney left to attend college.  Through their long distance relationship, they have both waited for this day to come...their wedding day!

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Shoot and Mingle: Wedding

It was the monthly Shoot and Mingle we all had been waiting for because, let's face it, weddings make us photographers giddy. Especially if you get to style it yourself! After speaking with our models, Kami and Drew, I knew that the theme would fall together perfectly.

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Mr. & Mrs. Springer

Once upon a time, Tasha decided to create an account on Match.com, the very same place Zach had an account. Before long, they met online and began to chat. Their conversations were the best, both of them enjoyed talking online often. About 2 months later it was finally time to meet in person.

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Mr. & Mrs. Beard

Michelle and Zach lived within a 3 mile radius of each other but had never met. That was soon to change. Michelle's cousin had worked with Zach and had a feeling Zach and Michelle would be a great pair. Zach agreed to take Michelle out on a date, and from there they knew within the first few months they had found the one. Eight months after their first date, Zach proposed...and now they are happily married. They are truly a wonderful couple and I am so happy I was able to document this love story!
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Mr & Mrs Koehl {A Wedding Story}

About 7 years ago when Meggan worked at Petware House, Justin and his mom would come in to purchase salt water fish. When Justin would come into the store, Meggan had always thought that he was spoiled and rather cocky. Little did she know that her boss was going to hire him! At first, Meggan was upset because she really didn't want to work with a spoiled and cocky kind of guy, but as time past, that spoiled and cocky guy turned out to be a sweetheart. Meggan even developed a little crush on him!! :-) After six months of working at Petware House, Justin asked Meggan out on a date.
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Mr. & Mrs. Titus

Once upon a time, I was sitting in my cozy home when my phone rang. It was a bride to be, Anne, planning her wedding and in need of a wedding photographer. Anne explained she and her fiance had both been married before and this wedding was going to be simple, not your typical wedding. She further explained that the ceremony would be small, no bridal music or bridal party, and Tom and her would be seeing one another before hand.
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Groovy baby, size matters...

On a side note, size matters. Yes, that's right, it DOES matter. I use to think an 8x10 was big but once I began to decorate my house it looked so itsy bitsy on my wall and was drowned out with all the other clutter in the house (I have kids, I am allowed to have clutter, right?). When hanging wall art, bigger is better. Here is an awesome image to show you what I mean.
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Specials, Deposits, and a Wedding Story

Mother's Day Special: I am pretty much booked up for this special, however, if you would still like to hold a session with your children or mother or even do a generation photo I could squeeze you in on a weekday/evening. Father's Day Special: Yep, that's right! I would love for you dads to come in with your babies or perhaps with your grown children!!! This special is just like the Mother's Day special, same price and everything. Father's Day is June 17th and the last appointment I will hold for this special is June 12th in order to have your images back to you in time. View details on Mother's Day/Father's Day Specials and other current specials here.
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Website, newborns, and weddings...OH MY!

WOW, what a crazy past couple of days.  I had the honor of photographing two newborns this past Saturday, and my oh my how I love newborns.  They are so tiny and the little grunts they make, just make your heart melt.  I love capturing their tiny gestures and their precious tiny wrinkly selves.  Children grow so quickly, and having photos of a newborn is a great reminder of their newness.  I look back at newborn photos of my first daughter and think to myself, "Was she REALLY that tiny?", yes, she was and I have proof thanks to the photos. A couple of my favorites are posted for you to see. (Click HERE to see more newborn photos!)

On the flip side, we had a small break this winter but now we are back at it, wedding season has started once again!  This past Saturday I had two friends of mine photograph a wedding of an awesome couple! I am so not ready to leave my newborn yet, therefore I am forever grateful that I have such awesome photographer friends that would cover a wedding for me! I cannot wait to post photos from the wedding, so keep your eyes peeled for those! 

And lastly, as you have all noticed as you have be navigating around the website...it's new! Yep, we have a new website.  A special thank you to Nathan Miller for the design and time spent with all my numerous questions. If you ever need a site built, Nathan is the guy to go to.  Not only is the website awesome, but he has helped me learn how to use all the tools available to me, which I am still learning but it will take time! :)

Enjoy the new site, stop by my guestbook and leave me message about your experience at your photo shoot or let me know what you would like to see in the near future.  AND, soon to come: a newsletter!!! YAY!